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Shademate Bimini Tops

Outstanding Design - Made to Fit • Made to Last

Shademate Bimini Tops are designed for a better fit and appearance with an easy setup and installation. Our tops are built tough using only the finest materials. Their convenient design includes a zippered bow pocket that securely holds the top to the frame. On our 3 and 4-Bow Tops, the middle pocket is wider so it’s easier to install with no need for extra straps between the bows. This EZ-Top design makes it simple to replace just the top fabric or save the fabric and replace the frame.

Shademate Bimini Tops are also fashioned with a curved side profile for a better looking fit with less wrinkling. A single seam down the center of the top helps the fit and decreases the chance of seam failure. Screws used in the assembly of the frame do not contact the fabric, so there is less wear and tear.

The frames are made of bright anodized aluminum with stainless steel screws. All Shademate Tops come with a hardware kit for installation. The kit includes heavy-duty corrosion-proof nylon fittings and deck mounts which swivel allowing a variety of mounting options. All 3 and 4-Bow Tops come with a FREE matching, fully zippered storage boot to keep your top clean.

When adding shade to your boat, there's no better value on the water than a Shademate Bimini Top.

How To Measure Your Boat For A Shademate Bimini Top

All that’s necessary to determine which size top to order is choosing the length, height, and width that best accommodates your boat and your requirements. Remember that height as well as length determines how much shade your bimini top will provide. Consider the coverage area when the top is deployed or opened and also where it falls when it's closed and folded down at the rear of the boat. Ensure that there is enough space in front of and behind the deployed top to mount eye straps to secure the hold-down straps.


Using a tape measure, decide which length top provides the desired amount of shade coverage to your boat. Shademate 2-Bow Tops are 5′6″ long, Shademate 3-Bow Tops come in 5′ and 6′ lengths, and Shademate 4-Bow Tops are 8′ long.


Determine the pivotal mounting point located on each side of the boat. The pivotal mounting point will be approximately at the center point of the top on each side of the boat. Also, note that the swivel deck mounts included with the top are designed to mount on a variety of flat surfaces. Optional mounts are available for rail mounting.

After determining where the pivotal mount location will be on each side of the boat, measure the distance between these mounting points to determine the width of top you need. This measurement is not the same as the beam width of your boat. The frame has some flex so it can be mounted over the width range indicated in the selection chart. Choose the width that most closely matches your mounting point width measurement.


While standing inside the boat, measure straight up from the pivotal mounting point to determine the desired height. This measurement should be the minimum headroom clearance desired. Note that the height of the top is not the distance from the boat floor or the length of the frame arms.

Shademate Bimini Top Options

After selecting your pontoon bimini top length, width, and frame size, you will have various style options to choose.

Fabric Choices

Shademate Bimini Tops are available in your choice of 3 outstanding fabrics.

White Vinyl Tops -

Made using the finest vinyl available, our white vinyl tops are 100% waterproof and the easiest of all fabrics to keep clean. Both the vinyl outside and the reinforced fabric backing are treated with a marine UV-resistant and mildew-resistant coating. Tough, durable, and long lasting, marine vinyl reflects the sun and heat, so your day on the water is a much cooler experience. White Vinyl Bimini Tops come with a 3-year warranty on the fabric.

Polyester Tops -

Our extremely user-friendly polyester weighs only 6.5 oz. per sq. yd. and is a pleasure to handle and stow. However, don’t be fooled by its light weight. This fabric is as strong and durable as other fabrics more than twice its weight. Water-repellent, mildew and UV-resistant, our polyester tops are a breeze to take care of and keep clean. Polyester Bimini Tops come with a 5-year warranty on the fabric.

Sunbrella Acrylic Tops -

100% acrylic Sunbrella is undoubtedly the longest lasting top fabric made. This premium synthetic 9.25 oz. per sq. yd. material is solution-dyed so the brilliant colors are extremely fade proof. Strong, water-repellent, and mildew-resistant, Sunbrella is world renowned for prolonged protection against sun rot due to ultraviolet rays. Sunbrella Bimini Tops come with a 7-year warranty on the fabric.

Frame Choices

Shademate Bimini Tops are available with your choice of aluminum or stainless steel frames.

Aluminum Frames -

Shademate Bimini Tops come standard with 7/8" bright, anodized aluminum frames with stainless steel screws. These aluminum frame tops come with heavy-duty nylon fittings and nylon deck mounts that swivel for various mounting options.

Stainless Steel Frames -

Shademate Bimini Tops are also available with all stainless steel frames and hardware. Our stainless steel bimini tops are made with 7/8″ dia. stainless steel tubing and include 316 stainless steel fittings and mounting hardware.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shademate Bimini Tops

What is the difference between a standard bimini top and a pontoon bimini top?

Shademate Standard Bimini Tops are made of with 7/8″ dia. round tubing, while Pontoon Bimini Tops are made with square tubing to match the square rails that come on most pontoon boats.

What mounting hardware comes with the bimini top?

Our Standard Bimini Tops come with 4 support straps and eyelets for attaching the straps to the boat. They also include mounting screws and nylon deck mounts that swivel so they can be mounted on horizontal or angled surfaces.

Can I fold the bimini top down to either the front or the back?

Yes. Our Standard Bimini Tops are designed to fold and lie flat in either direction. Many customers purchase the optional Rear Brace Assembly which allows the bimini top to be folded in the stored position while securely bracing it up to keep it off the deck of the boat. This lets you store it out of the way while still allowing you to pass under the bimini. It also keeps the bimini from resting on your outboard motor. The Bimini Top Rear Brace Assembly is available in aluminum (item #39474) and stainless steel (item #39475).

What is a matching storage boot?

All of the bimini tops we offer, except the 2-bow tops, come with a zippered storage boot that’s made of the same material in the same color as the top. This boot protects your collapsed bimini top by keeping the fabric top and straps neatly stored out of the way. This storage boot should also be used when trailering your boat to protect the bimini top from wind damage.

What is the warranty on Shademate Bimini Tops?

The warranty on Shademate Bimini Tops varies depending on the fabric. The White Vinyl Top has a 3-year warranty, the Polyester Top has a 5-year warranty, and the Sunbrella Acrylic Top has a 7-year warranty.

Can I purchase replacement parts for my Shademate Bimini Top?

Yes. You can purchase replacement fabric, frames, and hardware for your Shademate Bimini Top. Our replacement fabric is designed to easily zip onto your Shademate frame.